Lilith of the Valley: Music and Mystique

Lilith of the Valley: Music and Mystique

ReBelle, Flathead Rodeo, Ex-Temper, Brittany Koff

Sat · September 8, 2018

7:00 pm

$7 in advance - $10 at the door


Excited to come together yet again to celebrate the strength and talent of the powerful lady musicians and artists who can be found in our little Valley. In this, the 3rd of the Lilith of the Valley music series, we focus on the power music and art can have towards shaping our values and ideals. Even though 55 years have passed since Betty Friedan penned The Feminine Mystique, we still have work to do; we face different yet equally difficult challenges as we battle issues ranging from wage inequality to outright sexism in all aspects of our society.

Lilith of the Valley is a time and space to reflect on how far we’ve come, and how far is still to go. Come celebrate these amazing lady musicians and artists whose art serves not to fulfill society’s preconceived notion of their femininity, but their humanity and individuality.

Lily Sexton (feat. members of Mamma's Marmalade)
Acoustic, Folk, Bluegrass
Lily Sexton plays a really big guitar. A guitar built in 1949 and owned by her grandfather, when Gibson Jumbos were a man’s instrument. Upon inheriting the J-45, Lily’s fascination with the mystery and richness of the guitar became devotion, and she has been attempting to unlock it’s secrets ever since. A fiddler by nature, Sexton’s original tunes possess the ancient tones of acoustic instruments- the swing of Appalachian Old Time, the subtle throb of bluegrass rhythm, the sweetness of a high, lonesome melody- while her lyrics retain sincerity and vivid relevance. Lily is a fiddler in the progressive bluegrass group, Mamma’s Marmalade, and has shared stages with Erin McKeown, Mike Compton, and Joe Newberry. Her solo record is forthcoming!
Reggae Folk World African Original
Rebelle a formidable musical force conceived in love, rebellion and the evocative musical vigor of Kalpana Devi and Emmanuel Manou.
Flathead Rodeo
Flathead Rodeo
Rockabilly and Roots Music
Miriam Sirota, known as Mistress Miriam, is the irrelevant, powerhouse front women of Flathead Rodeo. With her flair for rockin' a song while crawling on the ground, walking on a bar or dancing with the audience, she is often approached by women after the show saying "you do all the things I wish I could do." Her band, Flathead Rodeo plays a blend of primary rock and roll (also known as rockabilly) and the music that influenced it: blues, rhythm and blues, jazz, western swing, and country and western. The group performs (enthusiastically) music by such artists as Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Patsy Cline, Carl Perkins, and Wanda Jackson. The group also plays original compositions in the style of the above. In July, 2017, the band took top honors at Mark Sherry’s Valley Music Showcase, an event that highlights “the latest and greatest emerging talent in Western New England.”
Ex-Temper plays loud, angular, dynamic alt-rock with heavy grooves, intricate melodies, and fuzzy head banging riffs wrapped around three-part vocal harmonies. Recently described as "Fugazi meets the Andrews Sisters". Ex-Temper approves this description.
Brittany Koff
Brittany Koff Music
Hip Hop
Freestyle hip hop artist Britt Koff focuses on empowering women to express themselves through hip-hop by building a platform for their media and providing a safe place for self-expression.
Venue Information:
Hawks & Reed Performing Arts Center
289 Main St
Greenfield, MA, 01301