Carson McKee & Kami Maltz

Carson Mckee

Kami Maltz

All Ages
Carson McKee & Kami Maltz, Bringing a touch of southern sweetness to Western Massachusetts

Carson McKee

Carson McKee is a folk musician from Charlotte, North Carolina. Perhaps best known as the lead vocalist and principal songwriter of The Other Favorites, a project shared with longtime collaborator Josh Turner, McKee’s style represents a contemporary reframing of the Laurel Canyon rock and Outlaw country that constituted his musical diet as a teenager. Now based out of Crown Heights, Brooklyn, McKee tours internationally as a solo performer and with The Other Favorites.

Kami Maltz

"Kami Maltz has wowed listeners with her smooth voice, her blending of folk and electronic elements, and her ability to craft songs about complex emotions through catchy hooks and poetic lyrics. Her new single "Kingdom" has all of that" - The Deli

"Imagine Joanna Newsom's voice on top of the swirling instrumentals of a Lorde song. That sums up Kami Maltz's music in a nutshell. The Brooklyn singer/songwriter released a new single chock full of that hypnotizing sound... it sports masterful production bringing out the humming basses and ethereal synths" - The Deli

"On The Loose by Brooklyn-based Kami Maltz takes a ‘less is more’ approach to its organic-sounding arrangement, allowing the listener to create their own shadows and light by exploring the uncertain imagery in the lyrics and understated musical tones" - Electronic North

"Kami combines the familiarity of folk music with a twist curated by electronic elements. Channeling Haim meets Lorde “On the loose” is an expressive mood altering tune" - Northern Transmissions

Venue Information:
Hawks & Reed Ballroom
289 Main St.
Greenfield, MA, 01301