Hittin' The Note: Allman Brothers Tribute
Live In The Perch

Hittin' The Note: Allman Brothers Tribute

$7.00 - $10.00
All Ages
Capturing the live experience of the Allman Brothers band!

Hittin' the Note

Saturday, May 9th

Doors: 7:30; Show 8:00

The Perch at Hawks & Reed

Tickets: $7 in advance; $10 at the door

We're a band dedicated to capturing the live experience of of the Allman Brothers band!

Bob Toriani - Keyboards/Hammond B3/Vocals, Tom Doherty - Guitar/Vocals, Dan Girouard - Guitar, Zach Longhi - Bass, John Henselar - Lead Vocals, Percussion, Joel Turcotte - Drums/Percussion, and Jeff Turcotte - Drums/Percussion/Vocals

"When I was a sophomore in high school I bought my first Allman Brothers album “Beginnings”! I sat and listened to that album every night for weeks on end. We attempted to play “Whipping Post” in the 1st band I ever played in at high school dances. It was a passable version and my appreciation for Allman’s music grew from there. Over the years I have played many of their tunes and listened to a lot of their music. Fast forward 40+ years and when I decided to create a tribute band, so I could share the stage with my son, there was only one choice. We both play drums/percussion and the Allman Brothers showcased that aspect of their music, along with the dual guitars and Gregg’s vocals that were at the forefront of the bands signature sound.

To give the band a certain edge in today's market I rounded up some young guys who I knew were into the jam band scene. Because they didn’t grow up with the music as I did their approach is different, it’s fresh. So, this combined with a couple of other seasoned players rounds out the band. We are all about capturing that live experience of the Allman Brothers. They changed it up every night and played how they felt and we honor that sentiment. Currently we cover the Allman Brothers entire career from start to finish, albeit our band name. Hittin’ The Note was the bands final album and Gregg stated that phrase meant it was spot on. We hope you come away from one of our shows feeling that was the case in our representation."

Venue Information:
The Perch at Hawks & Reed
289 Main St
4th Floor
Greenfield, MA, 01301