The Roger Salloom Holiday Concert, feat. Ptah Brown

Roger Salloom

All Ages
"America's best unknown songwriter."

Roger Salloom has been called "America's best unknown songwriter." He was in the center of the 1960s San Francisco pyschedelic scene, playing the Fillmore with Santana, Van Morrison, BB King and Procul Harum. In the 1970s he moved to Nashville to pursue songwriting, then disappeared for 20 years to raise a family as a single parent and draw a syndicated cartoon.Imagine Jack Kerouac, John Belushi, Lord Buckley, Lenny Bruce, The Diggers, and throw in Leadbelly, Jimmy Reed, Lonnie Johnson, Geoff Muldaur, Dan Penn...all rolled into one person, and you have a glimpse of this poet, singer-songwriter. Salloom performed with The Band, Steve Forbert, Doc Watson, John Prine, to name a few. A cross between blues, roots, Americana, country, and soul, Salloom always speaks from his heart. He has a self-deprecating, humorous, everyman quality, mixed with a powerful sensitivity and depth of character.

Ptah Brown -

“Ptah's voice defines the heartache of Blues, and the hope of Gospel. Ptah's strength and range, is revolutionizing the genres; by breathing life into the music with her dazzling repertoire. The charismatic Ptah has enough energy to light up a small town...” –The Cape Cod Times Ptah Brown is a multi-talented performer—vocalist, songwriter, actress, and teacher. Her latest CD, "Blues- Live In Italy" demonstrates a style cutting across several musical genres—Blues, Pop, & Gospel. Singing with power and passion, she dazzles her audiences. Ptah's natural ability to

communicate with her fans is evident in the many accolades she receives wherever she performs. Ptah is no newcomer to the music industry. At the early age of four, she began singing in public, in church choirs and religious organizations and still sings in various churches today. For Ptah, Gospel usic was a segue into Jazz, Blues, Soul, House, Reggae, Pop, Calypso, Zydeco, Bossa & Latin music...

She has performed with such notable artists as, Chen Shen (aka Bobby Chen), performed for Michael Wong’s 2010 birthday party, in Macau; Guy Davis, George Clinton & The P-Funk (Parliament Funkadelicks- all stars), The Jazz Expressions, Sharrie Williams, Lucky Peterson, Wilson Pickett, John Lee Hooker, & JLH Jr, C.J. Chenier, Walter "Wolfman" Washington, Kenny Neal, Buckwheat Zydeco, Henry Butler, Moe Holmes, The Holmes Brothers, Patti LaBelle, Ronnie & Eloise Laws, Tito Puente, Orchestra Broadway, Bob Marley's Wailers, among others... Ptah has also

performed as a background singer for Aretha Franklin, Melba Moore, Peter Tosh, Marcia Griffith, Mighty Sparrow, Calypso Rose, and most recently, Don Covay's newest CD. Also sung background

together with Jocelyn Brown... Ms. Brown has performed all over the United States (California, Florida, Detroit, Chicago, Miami

Beach, Cape Cod, Atlanta, Dallas...). In Dubai, at The MUSIC HALL. In Russia: Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Prem, Ufa, & Siberia. The Far East: Thailand, Bangkok, Hua Hin. The Middle East: Marrakech, Agadir, Dubai. China: Macau, Hong Kong, Qingdao, Beijing,

Shanghai, Hangzhou, Ningbo. In Europe: France, Prague, Czech Republic, throughout Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal.. In the Caribbean, San Juan, Antigua, Jamaica, Bermuda, Turks & Caicos; to name a few... Ptah’s been an invited guest at both the Embassy of Ghana, and the Embassy of Ethiopia. From the famed Apollo Theatre, to The 3rd Dubai International Jazz Festival, in the United Arab Emirates; The Trasimeno Blues Festival, Umbria Jazz, Villa Celimontana Jazz Festival, Milano Blues Festival, Umbria Jazz, Vallemaggia Blues Festival, Rapperswil Blues & Jazz

Festival, St. Gallen Music Festival, Teatro Rosalia De Castro, The Chesapeake Bay Blues Festival (1999 with Wilson Pickett), and other places far and wide. Ptah continues to charm audiences with her powerful yet sensitive voice, her soul, and, her grace. Generating a feeling of excitement with her smooth, penetrating alto-soprano voice; it is evident as soon as Ptah steps on stage, that she is a force to reckon with. (1999 with Wilson Pickett)

Venue Information:
Hawks & Reed Ballroom
289 Main St.
Greenfield, MA, 01301