House of Leafies Night #3

Performance Space: The Arts Block Ball Room

House of Leafies Night #3

Lexi Weege, Scubaphone, Sodada

Fri · July 21, 2017

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

$10.00 - $15.00

The Leafies You Gave Me
The Leafies You Gave Me
A 10 piece avant-garde music and theater ensemble/cult from the not-so-happy valley of Western, MA. An eclectic array of genres covering everything from pop to free jazz to hardcore. Stage shows have been referred to as “Broadway On Acid.” A series of interconnected stories create a unified experience dealing with topics such as organized religion, anxiety disorders, gender roles, castrati, and maybe even a little romance. Think high school drama club meets Mr. Bungle. Props, costumes, and THE GIANT CLAM! Everything is not going to be alright! But Leafies strive to make this world a better place for you and me to live. Join us in our fight against the Happy New Beard's club and help us bring down their senseless homophobia, intimidation, and ridiculous assumptions about gender! You might even get a leafy.......
Lexi Weege
Born in the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts wielding a Shure SM58 in her hand and red patent leather heels, Lexi Weege has been creating music her entire life, flirting with just about every singer's role, from polka-dotted Big Band vocalist to glitter-haired, bloody-nosed rock front-woman. Lexi has refined her sound to a silky barroom jazz that tips respectful hats to the likes of Billie and Jessica (that would be Rabbit) that can swing into feisty blues numbers at the drop of said hat. Having just finished her independently-released, pressed to vinyl debut album Virgin, Lexi has begun to take Western MA, Boston, New York and the Cleveland by storm. This past autumn saw her take to Club Passim's stage with her side project the Woman Songwriter Collective as well as headline the Iron Horse with her four-piece piano-driven jazz band. With plans to continue stirring the vat to a boil with upcoming tours, her sultry voice and sugar-brandy songs of endless summer and the cold, bittersweet winters that often follow are not to be missed.
Scubaphone is an avant/funk/fusion band machine pumping out original tunes that run the gamut from sweet, scintillating, subterranean grooves, to caustic, brash, absurdist circus mayhem.
Sodada's music could loosely be called jazz squeezed through a punk rock tube. It's been described as having "dream logic," "a willingness to defy genre conventions" and the ever favorite, "a cacophonous wreck."
They just released a new album, "Sunshine EP" on April 1st ( -- Check it out!
"We want to throw away traditional artistic values, to create an unexplored genre, to color outside of the lines. We're a couple of moonwalkers with a flair for the nostalgic.
We, Hannah Rose and Andy C, have​​​​ been playing music together since the heat wave of 2012. Originally hailing from the Hudson Valley, we now reside in beautiful Western Massachusetts, sandwiched between the cows and the concrete."
Venue Information:
Hawks & Reed Performing Arts Center
289 Main St
Greenfield, MA, 01301