Art Show Opening Reception for Anna Bayles Arthur

Arthur's art work will be on display in the ballroom through 8/22

Art Show Opening Reception for Anna Bayles Arthur

Sat · July 29, 2017

5:00 pm (event ends at 7:00 pm)


Art Show Opening Reception for Anna Bayles Arthur
Art Show Opening Reception for Anna Bayles Arthur
Come check out some new work by Northampton artist Anna Bayles Arthur. The show will run through Aug. 22nd.


Anna Bayles Arthur has been constructing images, works on paper: drawings, paintings, prints, for almost the entirety of her life. She looks upon this commitment to creative work less as a professional pursuit than a spiritual one – an ancient pursuit that has been a mysterious part of the human endeavor for millennia. While she did complete studies in academic art programs (MFA, University of Mass., Amherst; BFA, Kutztown University, PA), she considers her work to exist somewhere on the spectrum between the classical/academic and the mystical/outsider. For the last decade, she has lived and worked in Northampton, MA. Her work has been in galleries throughout New England and can also be viewed at


Each piece is the result of an intuitive process, a playful tug between figure and ground. Layers of transparent pigments become the atmosphere through which forms float or sit, emerge or disintegrate. There is an explicit organicism that is both familiar and unfamiliar: biology, landscape, things mechanical, parts of composite bodies. These constructed relationships reveal narratives that echo the drama of our human experience and the intricate movements of the natural world. Each painting is a glimpse into a contained world, a microcosmic surrogate for all of the mystery that is a body, a system, an environment.

Through a meditative process of delving within, the paintings become landscapes of memory, dream, and invention – A manifestation of all that this body contains: primordial ocean worlds, my grandmother's face, utilitarian objects, symbols of our hands' work: chairs, tables, architecture; suggestions of all manner of biological movements, the ceaseless horizon, the depths of the human eye.
I go back for the child with her tiny hands and fascination with fantasy, terror, things beautiful and other-worldly. Grief and longing can likely be found in each painting, as well as the inescapable tug of one's own mortality. How does it all relate? As an artist, this is what compels me the most. I want to present a space where we will be forever catching glimpses of new relationships. Where do all of these things exist within us; how might we chose to access them? Are there points of intersection within our individual bodies and between us, both as a species and as an interconnected part of the living pulse of the planet. It is here that an intimation of the meaning in this image-making ritual is revealed. All that came before, each isolated event that built us, continues to move within, rippling into the now and the yet-to-come.
Venue Information:
Hawks & Reed Performing Arts Center
289 Main St
Greenfield, MA, 01301