Quantum Art: The Films of Cynthia Madansky

A three-weekend art exhibition at the Pushkin

Quantum Art: The Films of Cynthia Madansky

Sun · September 17, 2017

12:00 pm (event ends at 5:00 pm)


Quantum Art: Becoming Infinite
Quantum Art: Becoming Infinite
Three Weekend Art Exhibitions Curated by Amber Scoon

Dr. Amber Scoon is an artist and philosopher. She is the John Berger Fellow at the European Graduate School in Switzerland, a Research Professor at the Global Center for Advanced Studies, the Program Director of the Art and Philosophy Seminar in Rome, Italy and the author of "Quantum Art" as well as "?" (co-written with artist Glenn Goldberg). Amber is also an adjunct professor at Greenfield Community College.
Anna, Pina, Teresa - The Films of Cynthia Madansky
Anna, Pina, Teresa - The Films of Cynthia Madansky
Friday, September 15, 5–7pm (Opening Reception and Artist Talk)
Saturday–Sunday, September 16–17: 12–7pm

The films of Cynthia Madansky’s will be screened. Madansky is an award winning filmmaker and painter. She is the current recipient of the Guggenheim Fellowship and a past Rome Prize Winner. Her films integrate hybrid forms of cinematic traditions including autobiography, experimental methodologies, cinema verité, scripted narrative, ethnographic observation as well as dance and performance.

"Anna, Pina, Teresa"
Director: Cynthia Madansky
Country of Production: Italy
Year of Completion: 2015
Running Time: 7 min.
Dancer: Marta Ciappina
Cinematographer: Michele Paradisi

"Anna, Pina, Teresa" reinterprets the pivotal scene in Rossellini’s “Roma Città Aperta” where Anna Magnani, who plays the character Pina, (based on the story of Teresa Gullace,) is murdered on the streets of Rome by the Fascist police. This scene is characterized by three movements performed by Magnani—resistance, running and falling. Made in collaboration with the dancer Marta Ciappina, and filmed in the Sala Scherma at Foro Italico in Rome (Mussolini’s fencing studio designed by Moretti) Anna, Pina, Teresa examines the contemporary and historical dynamics between an urban Fascist space and movements of resistance.

“In Anna, Pina, Teresa, Cynthia Madansky ingeniously re-appropriates the three key body movements from Pina’s death scene in Roberto Rossellini’s Rome Open City, thus reclaiming these powerful physical actions as assertions of resistance and agency, and Zeena Parkins improvised electronic harp superbly articulates the immediacy and tension of the emotional subtext.” —Edinburgh International Film Festival
Venue Information:
Pushkin Gallery
4 Federal St
Greenfield, MA, 01301