The Big Why, The Frost Heaves and Hales, The True Jacqueline

Indie rock show @ The Perch

The Big Why, The Frost Heaves and Hales, The True Jacqueline

Fri · December 29, 2017

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 8:30 pm

$5 advance / $8 day of show

The Big Why
The Big Why
Indie rock band from Western Mass. Three guys. One sound. Turn around. Come to this disco. Jamie Miller, Roger Knight, & Leo Hwang.
The frost heaves and hales.
The frost heaves and hales.
Indie rock band from Greenfield, Mass.

The frost heaves and hales. have been crafting confections you eat with your ears ever since erupting from the wilds of Western Massachusetts in 2005.

More than just a gig, every Heaves show is an occasion. The band’s performances have incorporated poetry readings, video projection, theater, breakdancing action figures and more. The band's songbook includes some 80 original tunes and more than two dozen covers — many of them written or selected for special occasions like movie screenings and tribute nights.

The Heaves have opened for national acts like Cotton Jones, The High Dials, and Mean Creek. Notable events and venues where the group has performed include the Green River, Upper Valley, and Hilltown music festivals, the Franklin County Fair, Iron Horse Music Hall, and One Longfellow Square in Portland, Maine. They've also served as the house band for Amherst Live.

Frost Heaves songs have struck a chord with wider and wider audiences. "Vacationland" was voted one of the top 93 songs (#37) of 2009 by listeners of WRSI/93.9 The River. Two other Heaves tunes have been featured on NPR’s "Car Talk."

Band leader Daniel Hales is an inventive poet, songwriter, singer, and strummer equally at home performing solo. Bassist James Lowe masterminds many of the song arrangements, layering string, horn and keyboard textures. Dan Mickus, a trained classical guitarist, plays lead, adds backing vocals, and increasingly contributes compositions for which Daniel writes the lyrics.

Those lyrics have frequently been singled out for praise. Northeast Performer wrote, “Hales artfully plays with the duality of words in the English language, creating lyrics that are both smart and memorable.” Impact Press called Daniel’s lyrics “nothing short of brilliant.”

Frost Heaves albums offer lush arrangements with no end of sonic mysteries to explore. They’ve released three so far, with myriads more in progress. Best keep your ear to the ground.

Most recently, in 2014, the Heaves fell way, way down the rabbit hole — or were they pushed through the looking-glass? In a feverish sprint, the band wrote a soundtrack of lobster quadrilles and crocodile lullabies and performed them atop a high catwalk during of a two-week theater run of "Alice In Wonderland." After recording the songs in the studio, the band celebrated the release of “Contrariwise” with a multimedia concert in front of a packed house at the Shea Theater. Calloo! Callay!

When you were blocking the TV and your dad told you “You Make A Better Door Than A Window,” he was also prophesying one of the best albums to come out in 2012. With it the Frosties offered to open portals of perception way past your third ear, if only you'd let them. They released the disc with a two-part extravaganza: first playing the album from end to end as a seven-piece band at the Green River Festival, then hosting an art-opening/after-party at The Rendezvous. Poems by 10 different writers inspired by the album were collected into an accompanying chapbook.

The Frost Heaves' 2009 debut album, “Frost Heaves,” is a musically promiscuous mix of lost shopping carts, questions for carjackers, wrong meters, secret weapons, vacations to the North Pole in July, and psychedelic trips down discontinued roads.
The True Jacqueline
The True Jacqueline
Three piece noise pop band from Northampton, MA.
Venue Information:
Hawks & Reed Performing Arts Center
289 Main St
Greenfield, MA, 01301